What is the Purpose of Master's Men?
Master's Men Ministry seeks to fulfill five specific purposes.


Men need other men. Most men do not easily talk about their faith, relationships, or feelings, They communicate more openly with just men. One of the greatest benefits of a Master's Men Chapter in any church will be the relationships that develop because they share a common commitment to the person of Jesus Christ. 


The effective Master's Men Chapter will facilitate the development of godly men. It will teach the Word of God and will call men to intimacy with God, purity of heart and body, spiritual and servant leadership in the home, faithful worship, mentoring the next generation, commitment to the mission of the local church and denomination, prayer for their pastor's and a burden to share the gospel.  


Master's Men are taught to financially support the ministry of the local church and denomination. Master's Men also learn that stewardship is not just the giving of their money to the Lord's work, but it is the giving of their lives to advance Christ's kingdom. 


Master's Men calls men out of spiritual passivity and challenges them to influence their families, communities, and workplaces with the life changing message of the gospel.


Master's Men will equip men to serve the Lord and their local church. Master's Men will see to develop men into spiritual leaders. As men grown and take responsibility in the church, the pastor is freed to focus on prayer and the preaching of God's word. A vibrant men's ministry will recruit, train, and deploy men into the ministries of the church